While they may not be as well known as some of the other top manufacturers, norcold refrigerators are highly dependable and energy efficient. They operate using a compressor along with an evaporator (similar to how your home fridge works), giving them the ability to both cool and freeze items. Their durability and quiet operation make them a great choice for RVers and boaters looking to add more storage space.

They also feature low voltage protection, so if your battery goes dead, the unit will shut down. This prevents the fridge from running on a weak charge, which could damage the compressor and potentially cause a fire. These features are important because they can help you avoid having to replace your fridge completely.

Another reason to love norcold refrigerators is their vibration resistance. This is because unlike residential fridges, which can be damaged by road vibration, norcold refrigerators are designed to handle it. This means you can rest easy knowing your fridge will be in good hands as you travel.

Then, there’s the fact that they are often driven by 12V power instead of propane. This can save you money and reduce your need for expensive propane refills, as well as keep your fridge running even if your trailer isn’t connected to a hookup.

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