Electricity is something we use every day in a commercial setting, for all of our business systems to operate. The problem is we often forget how important it is to maintain our electrical systems.

This can be taken for granted as we are able to access and use it at any time, but a poorly maintained electrical system could eventually lead to disaster. This is why it is so important to hire a commercial electrician to perform an electrical assessment for your business. Different Australian states and territories may have different regulations, so it is best to contact your local commercial electrical association to find out what is required for your state. For example, if you live in Brisbane you should make sure you contact NECA in Queensland, or specifically a Commercial Electrician Brisbane instead of one that serves another state.

What is an electrical assessment?

An electrical assessment is an inspection carried out by a licensed electrician that aims to determine the condition of all electrical installations around a home or commercial building. The licensed electrician is able to recognise any potential hazards or electrical issues that may be present.

Upon identifying potential hazards, it’s important to attend to the problem and have it fixed immediately to prevent any further damage to your building.

During the assessment, the electrician will test certain appliances, outlets, circuits, and wiring. In order to ensure that the assessment covers all areas of the business, testing should be performed both inside and outside the building. Testing should also be performed on the switchboard to make sure it is functioning correctly. After all, components have been assessed, the electrician will record their findings in a report.

Why is an electrical assessment so important?

Safe Work Australia recorded 129 fatalities over a ten-year period from 2003 to 2013, all of which were related to individuals coming into contact with electricity. This confronting figure indicates how important electrical safety is in the workplace.

With consistent electrical assessments, it’s possible to significantly reduce the risk of electrical hazards and keep your business safe. Make sure to contact a licensed commercial electrician if you require an electrical assessment for your business. Ensure that your electrician has all the relevant licenses that are correct and up to date.

When do I need to get an electrical assessment?

Energy Safe recommends that commercial properties should book an electrical inspection if the property is more than 25 years old. Older buildings are more prone to electrical issues due to the age of the wiring which can begin to erode or become loose over time.

It’s also recommended that an inspection should be carried out prior to selling a property or when buying a previously occupied property. The building’s electrical setup may not have been assessed for some time before the sale, especially if the building has not been in use for some time. Always hire a licensed electrician to carry out an inspection to ensure that your building is safe for future owners or your own employees. Star Plus Energy

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