Baby products have gone from pastel and ordinary to bright, unique, and extraordinary! Manufactures have watched as the needs of its consumers change. They’ve profited by assessing the needs of new parents, watching the changing trends within our fashion industries, and made products that are not only fashionable but functional as well. Three of the most widely used diaper bag styles are the messenger bag, the tote bag, and the backpack. By the end of this article, you should be able to clearly assess your family’s needs and understand the functional uses of each choice so you can clearly choose the best fit for your family.

Before we begin you should decide what you will be packing in your diaper bag. Will you pack heavy to be ready for anything? Or will you be more relaxed and just carry with you the necessities? Preparing a list of the items you plan on placing in your bag will help you determine the size of bag your family needs. You must also remember that as your child grows, so do the things you will be taking with you. The size of their diapers and clothing will change, so it’s a good idea to prepare 2 lists. All three styles come in varied sizes, so planning your size in advance will help ease shopping pains once you’ve decided the type of bag would be the most practical for your family.

Secondly, before starting shopping you must think about how much you will be using your diaper bag and understand that like many purses, these bags tend to collect clutter, grime, and dirt. So be prepared to wash and clean out your diaper bag often. Selecting a washable bag is most practical, because taking it to your dry cleaner on a bi-weekly basis will get expensive and time consuming!

Now we’re ready to talk about style and functions of the most popular types of diaper bags. The first diaper bag we’re going to discuss is a tote style generally made with 2 handles meant to carry like a purse or a brief case. Some, more functional tote style bags also have an over the shoulder handle or larger handles, allowing busy parents to be hands free. Most totes have several organizational pockets on the side of the bag and in the inside liner making organization of the ‘little’ things easy. Almost all totes (at least the functional ones) have washable changing pads easily assessable from the outside of the bag. Tote bags open from the top exposing a large storage area great for diapers, clothing, and wipes.

We will now take a look at a messenger style diaper bag that is as fashionable and functional as ever! New trends say that organization is in! Many messenger bags have an adjustable strap that parents can adjust to fit their comfort level. Most of these trendy bags open up to expose a world of deep pockets, fold able changing pads, and in some cases insulated bottle carriers. Many messenger bags are easily strapped to strollers or hung from hooks ensuring that not only is your bag organized but your world is organized as well!

Lastly, but definitely not least is how functional diaper backpacks have become over the last few years. Backpacks appear to be geared towards parents needing a more durable alternative to the messenger or tote style bag. From the outside, these backpacks look like an ordinary backpack, however, after some examination you will find that these functional contraptions are everything but ordinary! Like both other bags, organizational pockets and compartments have been installed to ensure ‘little’ items are kept safe and readily available. In many diaper backpacks wipe containers have been installed and with a quick zip you are ready for a change! Insulated bottle compartments, places specifically designed to hold diapers, and last but not least most diaper backpacks come with a washable changing pad, and in some cases, the center opens up or the back unzips to expose a built in changing pad! Talk about functional.. michael kors sales bags

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