The world of coaching is full of different niches and styles. Some coaches specialize in specific areas like career development or personal growth while others focus on life, health, and wellness. The goal is to support clients in becoming their own best version of themselves. One type of coach that is rising in popularity is the Lifestyle Coach. This article will help explain what this style of coaching is, how it differs from other coaching disciplines and what it takes to be a successful Lifestyle Coach.

The first session with a lifestyle coach is all about getting an overall perspective of someone’s current life. The coach will ask the client about their goals, values, mindset and what isn’t working in their day-to-day life. From there, the coach will help the client to design and build strategies into their lives that will enable them to achieve their goals. This is often referred to as life coaching, but may also be called well-being or mindset coaching.

Using a similar process to those used by Life Coaches, Wellness coaches use thought-provoking questions to encourage clients to discover their own motivation for change and create clear visions of what they want their futures to look like. They take a holistic approach to well-being, recognizing that a client’s mental and emotional health can impact their physical well-being.

Unlike therapists who focus on treating mental disorders and dealing with unresolved issues, life and wellness coaches work with healthy individuals seeking support in identifying and strategizing ways of building what’s important to them into their everyday lives. This might include creating a morning routine, building healthy eating habits, or cultivating a sense of gratitude and appreciation. Livsstilscoaching

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