During Jewish holidays and the eve of Shabbat, the benedictions and prayers of kiddush are recited over a cup of wine. A beautiful kiddush cup is a special element of this cherished ritual. Our silver and anodized aluminum cups are crafted with both traditional and modern designs, introducing physical beauty to the spiritual world. Often they become family heirlooms, passed on from generation to generation and enjoyed for a lifetime.

What Is a Kiddush Cup?
A kiddush cup is a cup used to hold kosher wine or grape juice, the beverage used for the benediction and prayer of Kiddush. It is typically a silver cup that can have either a stem or not, depending on your preference. The cup must be able to hold at least one revi’it (approximately 3.2 oz) of liquid. It’s also important that the cup is in perfect condition as it will be used for a religious ceremony.

The cup is usually decorated with etchings or paintings, again based on your personal preference. Often, the words “Shabbat Kodesh” (“holy Sabbath”) or “Borei pri hagen” (the end of the blessing for wine) are included on the cup.

Other popular decorations include the seven species, alluding to the biblical Tree of Life, and a design that represents the holiest spot in Jerusalem on Mount Moriah, where Jews believe they will gather again in Messianic times to rebuild the Holy Temple for G-d. Some are ornately adorned with gold, to symbolize the sanctity of the rite. kiddush cup

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