YouTube subscribers are the people who follow a content creator’s channel and watch their videos. They get notified every time the content creator posts a new video on their channel. YouTubers use their subscriber numbers to judge the success of their videos. The more subscribers they have, the better their chances are of monetizing their videos.

Some YouTubers buy subscribers to make their channel look more popular than they actually are. This is not a good idea because YouTube does routine sweeps to eliminate spam and bot accounts. If a person gets caught doing this, their account will be suspended from the site and they will lose all of their subscriber counts.

When someone subscribes to a channel, they are telling YouTube that they want to see more videos from that particular content creator. This is why the platform gives users a personalized feed, showing videos from channels they subscribe to as well as those that YouTube recommends based on their watched history.

There are also other ways to promote a video on the platform like using call to actions in end screens or branding watermarks. This will get more viewers to click on a video and then decide to subscribe to the channel if they like it.

The most popular YouTube channel is PewDiePie with over 77 million subscribers. He makes comedic content and is very active on the platform. He is also a big influencer in the gaming world. The second most popular YouTube channel is T-series with over 117 million subscribers. They make music videos, dance covers, and other entertainment content. youtube subscribers

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