Since vitamin A was found in 1915, most of them were used in oral health food, the familiar vitamin A health care products can help the eyes, cells and bones growing and strengthening; in addition, vitamin A can also act on the maintenance of the skin.

Mature skin because of the collagen loss, easy become too dry and wrinkling, so that skin care products containing vitamin A, can help the skin not to oxy-genated, scavenging free radicals and promote collagen protein producing; However, these effects mentioned above can play their effect, must be waited for vitamin A through the epidermis, penetrate into the dermal layer, therefore, cosmetic raw material suppliers will cover up vitamin A with special technology, after skin care products enter into the dermis layer, then release the vitamin A, to achieve the purpose of anti-aging, mechanism: stimulate producing collagen protein, make the original aging wrinkles filled up by newborn collagen protein; increase fiber glass acid content in the dermal layer, help the skin retain more moisture; Long-term apply skin care products containing vitamin A derivatives, while in the rejuvenation of the skin, will more effective to fight against damage and reduce the probability of mature skin acne.

The dermis layer located below the epidermis, the main function is like a sponge pad or spring pad, can soft and sturdy to shore up the epidermis. The dermal layer contains collagen, elastic fibers and fiber glass acid, wherein collagen is an important cornerstone for maintaining skin elasticity and firmness, fiber glass acid is responsible for maintaining skin moisture.

If vitamin A made skin care products, will include the vitamin A acid, also know as tretinoin, which we are the most familiar, or we are less heard such as vitamin A alcohol, vitamin A ester or vitamin A aldehyde (these three vitamin A derivatives, although their function are weaken than vitamin A acid, but with higher stability), without special treatment, applied in the facial skin, will directly act on the epidermis, can firm the skin, make the skin become smooth and reduce oil secretion; However, for mature women, sebaceous grease decline will only make the skin becomes dry and water shortage, if use the wrong products, and painting every day, the result is to produce more wrinkles.

Vitamin A alcohol with highest stability, although the efficacy of applying on the skin is not immediately like the vitamin A acid, but the stability of its type, can penetrate the dermal layer to stimulate cell growth, have the function of repairing skin. In accordance with tretinoin manufacturer, Vitamin A acid belongs to drugs, must be used under the direction of physician. order tretinoin

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