When it comes to mascara, lengthening formulas are the way to go for long, willowy lashes. While volumizing formulas tend to give a clumpy effect, lengthening mascara separate and coat each individual lash for a longer, more natural-looking look. Plus, they tend to be less prone to flaking and smudging. The key to a good lengthening mascara is to find one that’s free of silicones (which are prone to clogging your lashes), and instead contains other nourishing ingredients like shea butter, castor oil, and orchid stem cells. And, of course, you’ll want to pick a wand with bristles that aren’t packed in too densely together.

While there are a lot of great options out there, we rounded up 17 of the best lengthening mascaras, according to Cosmo’s beauty editors. From a two-step mascara that adds volume and lift to an eyelash enhancing mascara that’s infused with aloe vera, these lengthening mascaras are sure to keep your eyes looking gorgeous all day long.

Designed to offer both length and volume, this two-step mascara from L’Oreal Paris is perfect for lashes that need a little extra help. The first wand works to define your lashes and add a bit of thickness to them, while the second wand is designed to lengthen your lashes by adding some major definition. It’s formulated with a blend of vitamin B5 and other conditioners to nourish your lashes, too.

A cult-favorite for its ability to lengthen and plump your lashes, this mascara from Too Faced has a slightly hourglass brush that helps create a feathery and fluttery look. The soft bristles on the wand also help create a fuller appearance while still coating each and every lash with the dark, jet-black mascara formula.

This cruelty-free mascara has a very important selling point: It’s made with repurposed plastic water bottles and can be purchased as a buy-one-get-one deal at some retailers. The wand has tapered silicone bristles that help reach even the tiniest lashes, and the formula is formulated with orchid stem cell complex and shea butter to condition your lashes.

The only mascara that’s ever been rated 10/10 on Sephora, this lengthening mascara is loaded with a bunch of nourishing ingredients to make your lashes feel hydrated and healthy while helping them look long and full. The formula is free of silicones and other smudge-prone ingredients, but it’s packed with shea butter, orchid stem cells, and castor oil to hydrate and thicken your lashes, while kaolinite (a clay) keeps the mascara from flaking or smudging all day.

This mascara from Glo Skin Beauty features a tapered silicone brush that makes it easy to reach your inner corners without getting mascara everywhere else on your face. The waterproof, smudge-proof formula has a ton of tiny fibers that latch onto your lashes and extend them for a lash-lengthening effect that’s both lightweight and natural-looking. The wand is also formulated with vitamin E and kaolinite to nourish your lashes, too.

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