Find Your Life Purpose – according to nature’s law -everything in nature has a purpose, including you. Anything that doesn’t follow its purpose in nature gets destroyed. Illness, sadness, depression, failure and stress are all warning signs of being off purpose. So, find your single life purpose and tattoo it on your arm…
See Beauty – according to nature’s law – there’s a balance to everything and when you see that balance our mind sees beauty. Look for beauty in everything, especially people you might be angry with or critical of, but equally important, see balance and therefore beauty in you.
Do a little Healing – according to nature’s law – learning teaches us to think and we think about things as either good or bad, right or wrong. Unlearning things means you think less, feel more and to really do this authentically you need to see the two sides of someone or something. Doing some healing means more feeling, less thinking – the result is turning up 110% with a good balanced heart.
Avoid resentment or frustration – according to nature’s law – when we are stuck, in our own evolution the signs are simple and clear. We get angry and frustrated. Usually we say “he did this or she did that” to cause it, but that delusional and denial. When faced with anger and frustration see where you are stuck and then work through it to see how much love you can feel. Important here is not to gush with love and bubble over with expletives about how wonderful you feel. That’s self indulgent. Instead, hold your tongue and feel instead of think.
Break down a Barrier – according to nature’s law – all things are connected but our ego feels fantastic when we feel separated, independent, egocentric and powerful. So, to breakdown a barrier is to inspire a whole new thinking about someone or something and that causes massive doses of real happiness. Choose somebody else and ask “where am I like them?” – because in nature, nothing is missing it just changes in form and so, really, what you might be judging in someone else, you are judging in you too, just in a different form.
Change your Vibe – according to nature’s law – everything vibrates. Our thoughts determine that vibration so how do we change that vibration? We change our thoughts. Which thoughts are better? Thankful thoughts are better. So the more thankful the thought the better it is. Now this doesn’t mean platitudes what it does mean is to really go back and find the benefit of something that you would otherwise have thought negative. Say for example somebody cheated on you; can you see the benefit in that? This change in your thought process can really make a difference to your happiness.
See things differently – according to nature’s law – everything grows at the border of chaos and order. In the ambition of most human beings order is the preference. Order means; support, pleasure, happiness, friendliness, peace, generosity, acceptance, and approval. So you can see that in the human mind there is a preference for only half of what nature determines to be the reality in which we live. If we continually aspire to defy nature we find ourselves in a battle with over 8000 diseases, untold number of humbling situations and an exhausting wrestle with inevitable. Instead simply by changing the way we see things we can boost our happiness ratio 500% in a few hours. The idea is to see that life is not half as is the ambition of the human ego, but a balance of support and challenge and that the lack of pleasure, unhappiness, unfriendliness, war, greed, rejection are all part of a dynamic played out with those things we like. If you can see the equal benefit of both support and challenge in your life your happiness ratio will escalate.
Go Bush – according to nature’s law – our separation from nature is the root all human problems. Our thoughts and worries, Ego, travel with us wherever we go so there is really no escape from misguided thinking that causes unhappiness. However, if we can immerse ourselves in nature to the point where there is a dependency we find a harmony that cannot be understood through thinking. For example paddling a kayak one learns that no matter how much we think the water should be flat if nature decides to throw away our way she will and we have to deal with that. This is why I fully support competitive nature-based sports because it takes us from a dependency on our worries and thoughts to dependency on the reality of nature and the laws. Just a few minutes in nature depending on her rather than our expectations of her will increase our happiness tenfold.
Downtime – according to nature’s law – everything grows at the border of chaos and order and therefore everybody experiences enlightenment when they cross – it’s a moment of absolute relaxation and we can choose how often these moments happen. We all love time off but sometimes after a few days break it makes coming back to work twice as bad as it was before we left. So downtime can lead to all sorts of confusion as to what is normal and what is abnormal expectations of the day. For example; I once went to Bali retreat 7 days and spent in the luxury of a spa resort. During that time I was washed, scrubbed, pampered, fed and generally treated like a king. When I returned to my everyday Sydney city life I felt like a pauper and it made me angry that I couldn’t spend the whole of my life in that beautiful spa. So instead of creating this duality of places that are magical and other places that aren’t I think it’s better to create a consistency of happiness in which we can create these moments of magnificence anytime we want. So downtime isn’t a holiday, it’s a break in a day. Given that we evolve with nature at the border of chaos and order a break comes when we actually sit on the border of chaos in order instead of fluctuating either side of. This is called stillness or in everyday language, love. To create such a moment all we need to do is resign ourselves to contentment and satisfaction that what we have is perfect. This skill gives us the ability to take downtime anytime. smile quotes

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