Over the past several decades, addiction treatment programs have seen an increasing number of people seeking rehabilitation for addiction to benzodiazepine, anti-anxiety medications such as Xanax. As Xanax is the most popular and well known prescription drug of this type, it will be concentrated upon here, yet the dangers apply to the class of drugs, not just this one. Unfortunately, addiction to Xanax in many cases begins unintentionally. As with many prescription drug addictions, Xanax is prescribed to treat specific ailments and before the patient realizes it, they are addicted.

Xanax (or alprazolam) is generally prescribed to treat anxiety, panic and stress. People who suffer from these conditions seem to have overactive neurotransmitters producing a chemical called “gamma-aminobutric acid”. Xanax attempts to slow down these neurotransmitters, thereby reducing negative emotional feelings in the individual. Xanax addiction results from reliance on the drug to overcome these feelings rather than pursuing more sustainable and healthy therapeutic alternatives.

How Drugs Such as Xanax Affect You

Xanax use quickly creates a tolerance in the individual as they take more and more of the drug in an attempt to recapture the initial feeling of euphoria they felt when they began taking the drug. As this cycle of taking more of the drug to achieve a feeling of well-being ensues, a severe and extremely dangerous drug addiction perpetuates. Xanax addiction progresses in a similar fashion to other prescription drugs such as Vicodin or OxyContin, or for that matter, like street drugs such as heroin or cocaine. Users begin to pursue dangerous and illegal means to procure more of the drug and stave off the unpleasant and potentially deadly withdrawal symptoms that Xanax can produce.

Side effects of Xanax addiction are numerous. Here is a short list of some of the most common effects of Xanax addiction:

· Cramped muscles
· Bouts of Nausea
· Digestive problems and diarrhea
· Poor Coordination
· Drowsiness and loss of concentration
· Reduced appetite
· Impaired motor function and slurred speech

As addiction progresses, these side effects lessen, but so does any feeling of euphoria that the drug is supposed to produce. In the end the addict is left with terrible drug dependence and the prospect of a dangerous and unpleasant withdrawal.

Treatment for an Addiction to Prescription Benzos

Withdrawal from Xanax should never be attempted without professional supervision. Professional drug rehab facilities successfully detox many people from medications like Xanax and work closely with physicians and hospitals in order to ensure a safe withdrawal from the drug. Xanax withdrawal can last for as long as two weeks and while undergoing withdrawal, the addict will experience sever physical discomfort, muscle cramping, sleeplessness, loss of appetite, and risk of seizure.

Safe withdrawal can be achieved by undergoing a detox with 24-hour supervision and a large amount of interaction with counselors. It is also important that the addict receives adequate nutritional and vitamin therapy in order to start their body healing as quickly as possible. In extreme cases, addicts must undergo a medically supervised detox process where they will be tapered off of the drug gradually to protect against risk of seizure and other dangerous medical complications. Usually the drug rehab program will employ a doctor, who visits with and dictates the safest course for withdrawal regarding every client that enrolls in the program. Additionally, the doctor will oversee any medically supervised withdrawal process that needs to take place.

Overcoming a physical dependence on Xanax is just the beginning. In order for someone to avoid relapse, it is imperative that they undergo a comprehensive inpatient drug rehab program. At a top rated drug rehab, each client is taken through a number of therapies designed to rehabilitate them physically and mentally to the state that they were in before they ever used drugs. The process does not happen in 28 days, yet yields much more successful results.

An addiction to Xanax is deadly serious; don’t think that it isn’t dangerous because it isn’t a street drug. Effective drug treatment should be sought after as soon as possible once the problem is isolated, to give the addict the greatest chance at success.

Daniel Manson has been in the Drug and Alcohol Treatment industry for over 15 years, and currently is President of a very successful drug rehab program in California. Having lived the life of an addict himself, he understands the problems that drugs can give a person. Daniel worked directly with clients for many years, before moving to management, marketing and ultimately managing multiple facilities with a large online presence. Along with providing Drug Rehabilitation services, Daniel supports Drug Education for schoolchildren so they are informed about the dangers of drugs. acquistare farmaci da prescrizione in Italia

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