Surround sound is achieved when multiple speakers are hooked in the receiving device, whether it be a television or a stereo, and they are placed to the side and behind you. This lets you hear sound coming from all around you, thus the name surround sound.

If you have ever heard television in surround sound you will agree it is quite a change from plain stereo sound. It seems the sound is behind you at times, while other times it seems to be coming from the sides. It is such a better quality sound than stereo, that once you hear it, you will have to have it. Surround sound will let you hear sounds in your television shows that you didn’t know existed. Surround sound can use many different variations of speakers. They can use 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7 channels. Some systems can use 10 channels for height and extra channels in the rear and on the sides. Some theories have been documented that there is an extremely big difference between 5 channels and 10. However most surround sound systems use 5.

Many homes being built today are integrating surround sound into their homes. To have an entertainment system that actually makes you feel as if you were in the middle of the movie is the main objective. You will be so enthralled with the movie; you will think you are the main character. Not only do the homes install this system for television but also for music. Speakers in bedrooms are a hot item.

Movies and music are not the only audience for surround sound. Sports fans can watch their favorite teams play. This would make a really great gift for the football fanatic in your family. Their football games could be enjoyed with the sounds of the game coming through so true that they would enjoy the thrill of every play and feel as if they were at the game instead of sitting in their living room.

Your system can easily be converted to surround sound without very much trouble. Some people just go buy a surround sound system and plug it into their television at home. They place the speakers around the room and presto, a home surround sound system.

If you would prefer to put together your own system, you can go buy all the materials you will need. The system called 5.1 LFE is used by movie studios, digital television, and music. It consists of putting 3 speakers in the front of the room, 2 in the back, and the .1 is a subwoofer that is used for picking up sound effects such as an earthquake or a plane crash.

Regardless of what method you choose for surround sound you will be amazed at the difference in sound and wish that you had done it sooner. It makes such a big difference in the sounds you hear and the feel of being in the middle of the action that you will soon be recommending it to all of your friends and acquaintances. tv mount

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