Whether you’re just starting out or have been posting videos on YouTube for awhile, strategies for increasing your YouTube views are always welcome. In a lot of ways, the same tips that make your content attractive to readers on your blog or website are the same ones that help increase video views on YouTube — high-quality content and a little smart optimization can go a long way.

When determining where your videos rank in search results, YouTube looks at several attributes, including the title of your video and the tags you add to describe it. It also considers average watch time, which helps to indicate to the algorithm that your videos are engaging.

But engagement goes both ways – likes, comments and subscribing are great for showing your audience that they care about your content, but they’re also good signals to the algorithm that your videos are worth serving up to others. It’s why you hear so many YouTubers remind viewers to like, comment and subscribe in every video.

And, of course, you’ll want to promote your videos wherever you can – on social media and your own blog, for instance. You can even use YouTube’s advertising tools to target your audience and get your videos in front of the right people. Attracting YouTube views

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