Stitch Clothing is a personal shopping service that sends you a box of 5 items that are hand-picked by a stylist for your style profile. You keep what you like, and return what you don’t in a prepaid envelope.

The first step is to fill out a style profile on the Stitch website, which asks you things like what kinds of items you typically wear and whether there are any styles or colors that you dislike. It’s a really comprehensive survey and it gives the company all sorts of data about your taste to use to pick out clothes for you.

You can also add a note to each of the items that you receive, which is useful for giving more specific feedback on how well the sizing, fit, style and quality of the piece is aligned with what you’re looking for. This is a really great way to make sure your stylist is constantly honed in on your preferences, so you’re getting better and better Fixes over time.

You can choose how often you want to get a fix delivered, from every month to every three months, and you can change your subscription or cancel it at any time. The prices are a bit high compared to what you’d find at your local store, but it is worth trying for the convenience of having a personal shopper and fashion expert at your fingertips. Plus, the clothes are really stylish and made of good quality fabric that can last a long time. Stitch Clothing

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