Today we address both the necessity of correctly fitting hosiery, and the consequent void consumers face in today’s’ hosiery market.

When it comes to a proper fit for socks or hosiery, most men and women will agree it is difficult to find. Generally, generic sizing is used in the form of OSFM, (one size fits most). Supposedly this allows anyone from a size 7- 13 to fit the same sock. This not the scenario for the best fit. It is certainly illogical to assume that while all body shapes differ, that their feet would all happen to be the same size. Very few establishments offer customized fit in not only the classic stylings and colors, but unique choices and luxury composition as well.

A perfect customized fit eliminates the wearer from tucking the extra sock under one’s toes, or having the heel of the sock ride up the back of the ankle. When the socks fit perfectly, the hosiery wear longer because less abrasion is placed on loose or sloppy fitting areas. Additionally it provides for better fitting footwear; and most importantly, the sock feels comfortable. You wouldn’t choose a jacket that’s three sizes too large, and your hosiery should follow suit.

Another issue is finding socks in varying lengths. Socks range in size from mid-calf, over-the-calf (OTC), knee-high, and ped, or ankle length. Quite often only certain basic styles or colors are offered in various lengths. Now again, certain customers needs or wants have been disregarded. One needs options that allow both the short sock wearer and the long sock wearer to acquire quality hosiery in a configuration that they desire, with a host of selections in fiber content and patterns.

And then for color; generally in typical retail establishments one commonly finds a very narrow selection in terms of color choices: usually black, navy, grey and perhaps brown will be the palette offered for men. And when one begins to consider patterns, the selection is even less. Women often encounter similar difficulty when in search of quality hosiery rather than the common dress sock, or the obtrusive novelty sock. And so the list grows longer; correct fit, right length and finally some choice in color or pattern.

In response to such a limited selection of quality socks and hosiery,  presents both the newest trends in hosiery as well as classic styles; in only the finest of materials, created with expert Italian craftsmanship. This pairing of fine composition with a vast field of styling choices creates a superior shopping experience.

Maurice Christopher created  as a result of discerning a void in the hosiery marketplace for luxury, choice selection, fabrication and quality hosiery. Similar to a fine suit, quality composition plays a key role in high end hosiery. This is also true of fit. Coupling these two variables produce an extraordinary, unique, product made of the absolute finest fibers on earth. customized fuzzy socks

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