Unless you’re absolutely rolling in it and have no regard whatever for the environment, you’ll care about reducing your heating bills at the very least and the positive effect on the size of your carbon footprint at the most. If you fall into the former category then you’ve probably stumbled across this when looking for your new 4 x 4 and this isn’t the article for you. However, if saving money and the planet is something you’re interested in achieving, here’s how to do it.

Buy double glazed windows and patio doors and get a composite front door – there it is in a nutshell. We all know about the positive effects of double glazing, the fact that they can now be made to fit with the style and architecture of your home and they keep heat in and noise and cold out. The benefits of composite doors are probably less well known because they haven’t been absolutely hammered by annoying BOGOFF (buy one get one free) television adverts but their benefits are seriously wide ranging and it’s a wonder that not everyone has got one to call their own.

A composite door boasts strength, durability, low maintenance and style among its list of unique selling points; add insulating properties to this and you’ve pretty much got your full quoter of things a good front door should have or be. The components of a composite door can be any combination of aluminium, fibreglass, UPVC and GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic), individually these are all known for their strength, fire resistance and durability and when put together, they create a door which not only does everything you’d want a front door to do but also looks great doing it.

It’s true that a wooden front door looks traditional and if this is what you want you’d be forgiven for thinking that some modern new fangled invention would fall short but you’d be wrong. Composite door companies have really mastered the wood effect finish and it’s now really very hard to tell it apart from the real thing. No matter what finish or style you think will fit your home, each composite door promises to be draft proof and leak proof which means that no matter what the great British weather throws at you, you’ll be safe and warm and dry behind that door. Composite front doors can also be fitted to any existing frame, it’s so easy that you can choose whether you want to carry the work out yourself with the help of an instructional DVD or you want a professional to come and fit it, either way your composite front door will be the talk of the neighbourhood. conservatory roofs swansea

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