As global awareness of packaging pollution escalates, businesses seek alternatives to traditional plastic polymers. A new material called cold water soluble PVA (polyvinyl alcohol) is gaining popularity in the industry. It is similar to plastic in terms of elasticity, but it is biodegradable and water-soluble.

The material can be used to create laundry bags, medical packaging, and a number of other products. For example, it can be molded into bags to hold medical waste in hospitals and limit contamination between patients. It can also be inserted into ash containers to limit white pollution.

PVA laundry pods can be encapsulated in a protective container, guarding against premature dissolution and ensuring that the product is clean for customers. Packaging in PVA can also improve distribution processes by reducing the number of times a box is opened, as it prevents spills.

Laundry pods packaging machines are designed with precision. They are capable of processing up to 350 pods per minute, a speed that accentuates production rates and maximizes business output. These machines also use energy efficiently. They consume about 4.5 kW on average, cutting down operational costs.

The NZM350 laundry pods packaging machine exhibits a drum-type design, contributing to its high-speed functionality. Its compact size facilitates portability, while a sound level under 75 decibels enhances its working environment. Its durable construction and ergonomics provide a smooth, comfortable operation, improving workplace safety. The NZM350 is highly efficient and cost-effective, making it an ideal choice for any laundry company. polyva

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