Any service that you use over and above what your network service provider offers is simply referred to as OTT Communication. OTT is an abbreviation that stands for Over The Top communication and many people use it without actually realizing it. Better yet is the realization that the network service provider you use has no control whatsoever as to the type of OTT services you end up using. The provider has absolutely no right or responsibility or claim on any OTT communication service or app you end up using on your phone or computer or system.

Reliant on the Internet

OTT Communication relies, largely, on the Internet, which is freely available in almost all nations. Therefore, you are free to use the Internet whichever way you see fit, without anybody holding you to account, or charging you a dime for your efforts and activities. VoIP is one of the most common types of over the top communication, and is preferred mainly because it is much cheaper compared to making phone calls, which is a more expensive exercise than the former. In many instances, VoIP is free and the user needs not to pay a single penny to enjoy this service.

No other tool has revolutionized the way OTT Communication is carried out more than Smartphone devices. These devices have made it easier to enjoy making free calls and sending out SMS for which no payment is required across the world. If you are the sort of person who enjoys saving money and minimizing your expenses, you should try using VoIP, since it is the most popular form of over the top communication in the market right now. The fact that a large part of the world uses wireless networks for communication purposes has contributed to this growth as well.

Internet TV

OTT Communication refers to Internet TV as well, which is yet another industry that has grown out of this modern technology. Over the top communication has facilitated the emergence of Internet TV, which is both free as well as a premium service in most jurisdictions worldwide. It is only through the input of Internet TV, also referred to as IPTV, that it is now possible to distribute videos and television content over the Internet, and legally without being found guilty of breaking several laws. OTT videos are freely available on the Internet, and include services like YouTube. IPTV

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