Whether it is a beach vacation, a city break, a ski trip or a tour holiday to India; you can book the perfect online Holiday Packages from travel agents and tour operators. These packages can be’ready-made’ or ‘tailor-made’ for every traveler’s needs and budget. They can include all services and products in one price such as flights, hotels, transfers and sightseeing options. The booking process is easy and seamless and the customer can choose from a range of pre-defined itineraries or create their own.

With online package booking software from Trawex, travel agents and tour operators can offer their customers a dynamic packaging solution where they can mix and match flights, hotels, cruises, cars, etc into custom holiday packages. This helps them increase their conversion rates, revenue, and customer retention resulting in higher profits.

When you buy a package holiday and/or linked travel arrangements (LTAs) you benefit from a high level of consumer protection under EU rules. This includes clear information before you book, the organiser’s liability for the proper performance of the services included in the package, and the option to cancel your holiday free of charge if there are serious problems with the package such as a natural disaster or severe security issues at your destination.

However, it is essential to understand your target market when creating and selling holiday packages. If you are targeting a specific demographic, it is best to use local travel experts to design and sell your packages. online Holiday Packages

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