Online English tutoring is just like it sounds, teaching English as a foreign language to students over the internet. Classes are typically set up via a video conferencing platform, where teachers can instruct individual learners or groups of two to six students. Students can range from children to adults, and lessons may be focused on specific areas of English language such as pronunciation, writing and listening.

While the flexibility of working from home can be a major benefit, it’s important to be self-motivated and have clear goals in mind when planning your schedule and choosing which students to teach. Two online English tutors share their experiences in this article, which offers a realistic take on the pros and cons of teaching English online.

If you’re considering pursuing employment with an online English teaching company, check out this list of the best opportunities:

Some companies pay hourly while others pay per minute, and still others offer bonuses, referral pay and other benefits. Some employers provide their own materials, while others require teachers to supply them. Some companies also hire teachers from particular locations – for example, Eigox hires native English speakers from New Zealand, Australia and the US. Other sites such as Gogokid and VIPKID hire teachers from China, and both are considered to be among the highest paying online English teaching jobs. However, both companies have recently paused hiring due to recent regulations in China. Nevertheless, teachers have been able to find alternative opportunities such as Preply and Cambly.

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