Nusa Penida has quickly become Bali’s “it” destination thanks to its wild nature, cliff lookouts, and epic snorkeling and diving. But this unique island offers a lot more than that, from secluded beaches to mystical temples and stunning natural scenery. Here’s the best way to experience the most iconic spots on this beautiful island in just one day.

This nusa penida day tour will take you to all of the top hot spots, starting with a snorkeling session in Manta Bay where you can see colossal manta rays dancing gracefully in the water. You’ll also get to explore Crystal Bay Beach, a gorgeous natural pool shaped like a giant arch, and Gamat Bay where you can see an array of coral gardens and diverse marine life.

After that, you’ll visit Broken Beach, a gorgeous rock pool that looks a little bit like the head of a tyrannosaurus rex from above. Then you’ll head over to Angel’s Billabong, another gorgeous blue rock pool where you can swim and snap pictures for your Instagram feed.

Next, you’ll go to Thousand Islands Viewpoint where you can admire the breathtaking beauty of this bay. Finally, you’ll end the tour with a visit to Rumah Pohon Tree House, a famous spot that has become popular on social media.

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