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TAI JUTSU – Natural Movement Heritage
Hatsumi Sensei began our instruction in Amatsu principles by explaining two
important fundamental concepts. He explained that the study of Gairon and Tai Jutsu
were connected and vital to our ability to receive his teaching. Without understanding
these principles, we could not continue.
Gairon is the underpinning or foundation of Amatsu. He describes this essence as
sensing the interconnectedness of all things in the universe. Gairon also interprets as
seeing the whole picture and its thread in any given situation.
“Gaia the Greek goddess of the earth.” “The relationship between the
biosphere and Gaia is like that between your body and you. The biosphere is
the three dimensional geographic region where living organisms exist. Gaia is
the super organism composed of all life tightly coupled with the air, the oceans
and the surface locks.” Lovelock, J. GAIA A New look at life on Earth.
Precafe PXI

Tai Jutsu is more than just a skill or body movement, it is a feeling, an essence born
from nature.
He explained to us that without Tai Jutsu (Natural Movement), then nothing would
exist in the universe. This applies to weather patterns, water flow, opening of flowers
and human development.
The Hichi Buko Goshin Jutsu tradition holds the secret of the opening of flowers, the
very essence of life on our planet.
Victor Schauberger a natural scientist describes it in the following way:
“Were water actually what hydrologist deem it to be – a chemically-inert
substance-then a long time ago there would already have been no water and no
life on this Earth. I regard water as the blood of the Earth. Its internal
process, while not identical to that of our blood, is nonetheless very similar. It
is this process that gives water its movement. I would compare this inner
motion, the origin of all possible physical movement, to that of a blossoming
flower bud. As it unfolds, it creates a vortex-like crown of petals, in the centre
and at the end of which stands the true secret of motion-life in statu nascendi,
in the form of a concentration of movement”.
Viktor Schauberger
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Hi Chi Buko Goshin Jutsu
The school of the secret of the opening flower. The secret of the opening flower is the
interplay of nature’s forces of compression and tension in a state of equilibrium. The
expression of the opening of the flower is the bias of the dynamic power of tension
from within and the interplay of compression from without, giving form to the flower.
In the coming into being as form, the tension inside the flower overcomes the
compression of gravity and external force keeping it as a bud. As with all three
dimensional form being part of the Kyu Jutsu cycle of 50/50 balance (a concept of
balance between insubstantial and substantial form existing as one entity.) Being in
form is the footprint of its past and the precursor of its eventual degeneration. This is
the Ko/Ku cycle of birth/death creation and destruction of earthly form.

Victor Schauberger a natural scientist in the 1930’s describes this form from a watery
origin as our very metamorphis, the coming into being of form.
The form that evolves from the metamorphis of water is built from its liquid prestress
intelligence. Biological structures come into form from a liquid or water origin with a
prestress intelligence to withstand the stresses of compression and tension. As life on
earth, this can manifest as life in air with gravity or underwater depending on its
ecological circumstances.

This ease of evolvement in nature follows the concept of doing more with less known
as “ephemerialisation”. From these origins, any evolvement can be explained through
the science now known as Biotensegrity.

Dr. Stephen Levin’s research in Biotensegrity holds the view that the body is a
tensegrity truss system with tension members provided by a matrix of connective
tissues, ligaments, muscles, blood vessels, nerves and fascia.
In this model, the bones are considered as spacers, not weight bearers along with
incompressible fluids giving shape and form to a soft tissue entity.
In keeping with this theory of the body being a soft tissue continuum, Hatsumi Sensei
demonstrated to us the concept of a one point therapeutic protocol. This was possible
because of the principle of Gairon utilising the interconnectedness of all the biological
structures of our bodies.

“The continuity or global interconnectedness of the living matrix is essential
to the understanding of the body and the role of energetics in health and
disease”. Oschman, J. Energy Medicine (P232)
He taught us that to apply pressure on one point affected all parts and explained that
with the body movement “Tai Jutsu” you were able to follow the torsional directions
of vulnerable or damaged tissue. He explained that these points of interaction were
known as Kyusho, where change at one point had a critical effect on the whole.
Water in its structured form is enclosed in the body in fascial compartments. It helps
to provide shock absorption and holds shape of a tissue. The different densities of
liquids contribute to their form as either a sol or gel.
©Copyright Dennis Bartram November 2004 Updated April 2005

Therefore, as we move from liquid state to a denser tissue determines how the tissue
reacts. This effect carries on through all tissues from fascia to bone.
To begin to understand how these concepts relate to Amatsu and natural movement
power we need to gain an understanding and awareness of the natural flow of energy
and the forces of nature, both on a tangible and intangible level.
In the cycle of precipitation, water falls from the clouds in the form of rain or snow
and eventually finds its way back to the sea. Water falls from the sky and flows
downhill due to the force of gravity. Once in the sea, water rises in the form of
vapour overcoming gravity via evaporation. As it moves, it forms clouds, which are
then driven, back over land where the process starts all over again.
This cycle involves FU (wind), SUI (water) and the natural forces and energies of
gravity and heat. This is a natural example of the interaction of wind and water
following the laws of attraction and minimal energy. omnivoid ai

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