Mushroom grow kits give homeowners the ability to produce their own fresh mushrooms. They can be a great option for seasoned gardeners and even beginners, as they are easy to use and do not require any other equipment or knowledge. Mushroom kits typically consist of mushroom spawn inoculated onto a substrate, such as straw or logs. These kits can be purchased as a one-time purchase or subscription.

A good mushroom kit will have clear, concise instructions that are easy to understand and follow. Most do not require a lot of maintenance beyond misting the substrate a few times per day with water and ensuring that it is kept cool, dark, and damp. Choosing the right type of mushroom may also make a difference in how difficult it is to grow. For example, some varieties, like morels, can be very difficult to cultivate.

This kit by North Spore offers a great way to try the delicious, earthy wine cap mushroom, which has a mild, nutty flavor and is a good choice for those who are new to mushroom cultivation. While it doesn’t come on a log, as some of the other kits do, it is still very simple to maintain, with instructions stating simply that you need to spray the substrate a few times a day and watch for mist evaporating before spraying again.

During our tests, this kit produced some of the highest number of mushrooms in a single harvest and had the best instructions overall. It was easy to read and had a clean design that would blend in nicely in a kitchen without being an eye-sore, unlike some other kits we tested. It also includes a built-in indicator to let you know if you are drowning your mushrooms through overspraying, as this is a common mistake that can lead to stunted growth.

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