Mushroom chocolate bars are a confectionary delight for any mushroom enthusiast. There are many variations of this chocolatey concoction, but the best ones boast the triumvirate of high quality ingredients, top-shelf chocolate and of course psilocybin mushrooms in the finest possible ratio.

The smoky magic of mushroom infused dark chocolate and the magic of the big daddy psilocybin molecules make for an impressively satisfying munchie or two.

The best ones can be found at your local high end grocery store or specialty grocer, where they’ll have an assortment of branded offerings from which to choose.

Besides being the oh so shiny, the finest specimens also boast a well crafted packaging that’s worthy of a prized possession. Hopefully, you’ll find that one of these tawny treats will be a tasty bauble to take home to show off for all your friends.

The trick is in getting the right ratio of ingredients, and you’ll want to keep in mind the time of day you’re going to enjoy your treat. Using the wrong kind of chocolate can lead to some nasty consequences, so be sure to read the labels carefully.

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