Removing up to 25L of moisture from the air per day the Arete One dehumidifier creates a healthy home environment reducing musty odours, mould, mildew and regulating indoor humidity to reduce respiratory problems and skin irritation. It also helps dry laundry making it an alternative to the tumble dryer and reduces energy costs.

Meaco’s multi-award winning large compressor dehumidifier is designed specifically for the UK climate with intelligent features including a digital LED display, auto mode, laundry mode, defrost and filter wash reminder. It is energy efficient with a low power consumption of only 270W and an extraction rate of up to 26.4L per 24 hours. It switches to fan only mode when the target relative humidity is achieved and tests the air again, saving energy.

The Arete One is quiet when operating with no whirring fans or noises so it can be used in a bedroom and has a child lock so it can’t be switched off accidentally. There is a Night Mode that turns the light off, sets the fan speed to its lowest whisper quiet mode and shuts off the ‘tank full’ beeps and control panel lights so you can get a good night’s sleep.

The Arete One has a removable water tank for easy emptying, with two apertures on either side to pour the water out in whatever direction you are standing. It is easy to move around the room with its castors and a convenient carry handle and has a ‘tank full’ indicator, 24-hour timer, child lock, ioniser and auto restart. It can also be connected to a hose for continuous drainage. 25l dehumidifier

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