If your old junk car is in your driveway or yard, it may not only be an eyesore but also a safety hazard. It can also attract thieves and cause damage to your property. Moreover, it will consume your valuable space that could be used for other purposes. Hence, you need to get rid of it as soon as possible.

Junk Car Removal Fort Myers
In addition to having beautiful beaches and lush parks, the city of Fort Myers is home to many restaurants and nightlife spots. Whether you’re visiting or a resident, it’s important to have a reliable vehicle to get around. But what should you do if your car is no longer running and you can’t afford to repair it? The answer is to sell it to your local junk car buyer!

There are numerous benefits to selling your old junk car. Not only will you free up space in your garage or yard, but you’ll also make some extra cash. Plus, you’ll be able to avoid the hassle and expense of paying for costly repairs to a car that is no longer in working condition.

If you live in Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Bonita Springs, Estero, Lehigh Acres or any other Lee County town, you can easily sell your junk car to Wheelzy. We’ll pay you on the spot for your clunker and offer same-day pick-up so that you can get back on the road with a clean, functional vehicle! junk car removal fort myers

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