Keeps jewellery clean without the mess of creams and dips. Simply rub your jewelry to buff it and give it a beautiful luster. These convenient cloths have tarnish-fighting and inhibiting ingredients that are safe for gold and silver. They’re made with the highest quality fabric, an environmentally friendly material derived from cotton fiber (a renewable resource). The inner lighter cloth cleans and imparts a protective anti-tarnish shield while the outer darker cloth polishes to a beautiful luster.

Safe and effective for most sterling silver, copper, brass, bronze and some gemstones. It will also remove most tarnish from gold and platinum (14k and 18k) jewellery, coins and watches. These reusable, ultra soft cloths are treated with non toxic, human and environmentally friendly cleaners. They’re an easy way to remove fingerprints, oils, body moisture and tarnish.

Often referred to as rouge cloths or black polishing cloths these 100% woven cotton cloths are impregnated with professional Jewellers Rouge and other cleaning compounds to remove marks, dirt and tarnishing from Gold and Gold-plate. They can be used on both sides and will turn black with use as they work – this is normal and shows that the cloth is working.

These are a must for any jewelry maker or lover of fine jewellery. They are a great gift for any occasion. Karlea likes to keep one in a zip lock bag and she’ll take it with her when travelling.

These reusable, non toxic cloths are perfect for a busy jewellery maker! They can be reapplied many times and are very economical. They can even be customized to include your logo and/or message for event marketing or point-of-sale promotions! jewellery polishing cloth

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