Managed security services (MSS) are a broad range of management & operational services specific to IT technologies that help organizations manage risk, meet compliance, protect reputations & optimize their security operations. They are often delivered through cloud infrastructure, as highly consultative engagements or through staff augmentation/on-premises model.

MSS can range from basic event monitoring through to comprehensive managed detection and response (MDR) which may include 24/7 monitoring of an organization’s IT environment from a security operation center, threat intelligence aggregation, proactive threat hunting and other auxiliary services. It is important to understand the depth of an MSS vendor’s capabilities & corresponding pricing models when evaluating an appropriate solution for your business.

Costs related to incident response and remediation are also an important component of the total cost of an it managed security service. These expenses can include but are not limited to malware investigation, breach analysis, data loss/ransomware recovery and any legal/regulatory remediation. The size and complexity of an organisation’s IT infrastructure, including number of endpoints, networks and systems can influence the scope and cost of an MSS package.

When choosing an MSS vendor, it is important to consider the overall Return On Investment & to evaluate each provider’s track record, service portfolio, accreditations & references. It is also helpful to assess the vendor’s ability to work with a specific industry or sector. A strong MSS partnership can support a business’s cybersecurity strategy, reduce demand on IT teams, improve productivity and enhance a business’s competitive advantage. it managed security services

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