If you’re considering a master of business administration (MBA), you may be wondering whether it’s worth getting an online degree. While it’s true that some recruiters are still skeptical of an MBA earned entirely online, it is also true that how much value a hiring manager places on your business-school education can depend heavily on the specific job you’re seeking and how well you leverage your degree in your resume and during the interview process.

As more institutions transition to online learning, it’s important to choose a program that has a track record of success and the same academic standards as in-person programs. For example, students who complete the CSU MBA online at the College of Business receive a full suite of professional support and resources, including advising, student groups and library services, and are held to the same rigorous academic standards as in-person graduates.

A good online MBA program will allow you to take courses on a flexible schedule, so you can juggle your career and other commitments without feeling overwhelmed. This kind of flexibility is a great option for people who work full time, care for family members or are making a military transition to civilian life.

Another benefit of online programs is that they can be a more cost-effective alternative to in-person options. Depending on the length of your MBA program and your course load, you can save on housing costs, meal plans and commuting expenses by enrolling in an mba online.

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