Pick up lines are a quick and easy way to start a conversation and show interest in someone. They can be funny, flirty, or even cheesy but they are often effective when used with confidence and a sense of humor. However, if you aren’t careful they can also come across as insincere or creepy.

The key to picking up a woman is not in the line itself but rather in how it’s delivered and what your energy is like as you say it. Women are used to men ogling them and making snarky comments about their asses so you have to be bold and confident when using a pick up line but also show genuine interest in her.

A good pick up line is one that’s unique or creative, shows your interest in the other person, and is not overly cliche. Having a sense of humor is important because it can lighten the mood and make both parties feel more comfortable and can help you break the ice with a fun and playful tone.

A good time to use a pickup line is when you hear a lull in the conversation or when they appear to be looking around and deciding what to do next. Be sure to approach them slowly and casually and keep your body language relaxed and confident so they don’t perceive you as nervous or rushed. If they smile or laugh at your pickup line it’s a good sign that they are interested in continuing the conversation.

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