Getting a moving quote online is as simple as entering your move information and submitting it to a trusted company. However, if you want to know exactly how much your move will cost, be prepared to provide more detailed information about your move and sit down with a representative in-person. The most trustworthy and reliable movers are willing to do this for their customers, as it helps them avoid unexpected costs, hidden fees, or overpaying.

When you submit your move details, the moving company will take a few key pieces of information into consideration in order to create a useful estimate for your move. This includes your current address, the number of rooms you are moving, and how many items you have to transport. Some companies will even ask about any obstacles you may encounter, such as stairs or narrow spaces.

The type of move you are completing will also affect your online moving quote. For example, if you are moving across the country, your move will be more expensive than a local move. This is because the longer distance and extra driving time will increase your gas, labor, and equipment costs.

Additionally, moving companies will also take into consideration the size and weight of your belongings when estimating the cost of your move. The size and weight of your items will influence how many truck spaces they need, which in turn impacts the overall cost of your move. For this reason, it is important to be honest when describing the size and weight of your items to ensure an accurate moving quote.

Other factors that can change your online moving quote include the seasonality of your move and the distance between your current home and your new one. Summer months are typically the most in-demand and high-cost times to move due to favorable weather conditions. If you can move during the off-season, your move will be more affordable than a summer move.

Finally, the hourly rate that a moving company charges for their services can have a significant impact on your online moving quote. Some movers charge per hour, while others have flat rates for specific services, such as packing or cleaning. When requesting your online moving quote, make sure you understand how your movers calculate their hourly rate to avoid any surprises on the final bill.

When requesting an online moving quote, it’s always best to request a nonbinding or binding not-to-exceed moving estimate. With a nonbinding estimate, your movers can only charge you up to 110% of the original non-binding estimate upon delivery of your belongings. A binding not-to-exceed estimate is the safest and most precise option for your move. To receive this, be sure to choose a reputable mover that is willing to pay you a visit at your home and perform an in-home survey before providing you with your move estimate. If a moving company is reluctant to perform an in-home survey or only offers nonbinding estimates, it’s worth looking elsewhere for your move. get a moving quote online

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