Using employee communication apps organizations can facilitate streamlined teamwork and avoid some of the misunderstandings and inefficiencies that result from overflowing email inboxes. Employees who feel well-informed at work are 25% more productive, according to a study by Zippia, so it’s important for managers to have the tools they need to effectively disseminate information and encourage collaboration.

Several exceptional apps for employee communication exist, and the right one will depend on your organization’s goals. Start by clearly identifying what you want the app to achieve and then doing your research. Compare the functionality of different applications against your requirements and determine how much you’re willing to spend. This will ensure you only select functionality that aligns with your specific goals and avoids unnecessary expenses on features that don’t contribute to achieving those objectives.

These apps typically have a simple, user-friendly interface and are relatively easy to learn and navigate. Many also provide training and support resources to help employees get up to speed quickly. They also offer a variety of analytics, so management can see what types of announcements drive the most engagement and focus on those aspects in future.

A key feature of these employee communications apps is instant messaging. They enable colleagues to communicate one-on-one or in groups instantly and are often available on mobile devices, which boosts productivity as it eliminates the need for clogging up email inboxes. Some apps, such as Slack, allow employees to collaborate in group chats and conduct audio and video calls with a single click. They can also be used to share news and company updates in a customizable feed, making it easy for staff to stay up to date.

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