A portable fire pump is used to increase the water pressure of a water-based fire suppression system. This allows the system to deliver enough water to all of the sprinkler outlets in a building or large space. Fire pumps are typically utilized when it is determined by hydraulic calculations that the existing water supply does not have enough pressure to meet the fire protection system’s design requirements. This is often the case in high-rise buildings (to overcome hydraulic head losses created by elevation differences) and systems that require a relatively high terminal pressure at fire suppression outlets, such as warehouses.

How to Choose a Portable Fire Pump
There are several important factors that you must take into consideration when choosing the right portable fire pump for your application. For example, it is important to consider the pump’s capacity, which is determined by the gallons per minute (GPM) and the amount of water pressure it produces. In addition, it is crucial to ensure that the pump’s suction and discharge sizes are compatible with your application.

Angus Fire has a range of portable fire pumps with different capacities that are suitable for a wide variety of applications. These models include the FOX, FOX S, BEAVER, and OTTER, which are powered by either BRP Rotax 4-stroke or Briggs & Stratton 4-stroke engines. The fire pumps feature a single-stage pump unit to reduce weight, size, and maintenance needs.

Portable fire pumps are also useful for fighting wildfires, as they allow firefighters to access remote areas where trucks cannot easily get to. They can pump water from streams, ponds, and lakes to extinguish fires in brush and wooded areas.

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