Grip socks are an essential part of any rugby player’s kit, helping them to achieve their performance goals on the field. From comfort, traction and stability to the protection of your feet – find out how grip socks can improve your game and help you become a better rugby player.

Designed with non-slip rubber applications to the bottom of the sock, grip socks are made from comfortable and breathable materials that are sweat-wicking, meaning they will not leave your feet feeling damp or soggy. They are used by professional players for training and match day because they can be worn with any shinpads without compromising comfort or performance.

Incorporating grip socks into your playing and training routine can also significantly reduce your chances of blistering. Blisters occur when your socks rub against your shin pads and cause friction, but the soft soles and thick padding of grip socks prevent this from happening. Grip socks are also often made with breathable fabrics, which means that they will absorb the sweat from your feet and keep them cool, reducing the risk of blisters.

In addition to preventing blisters, grip socks can also improve balance and stability when playing rugby. Previous research has shown that grip socks can provide a more stable platform for the foot inside of the shoe, making it easier to change direction. This is particularly important for younger players, as they may have less experience in doing so. custom grip socks

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