The world of business is competitive, and the best way to separate yourself from your competitors is with eye-catching visuals. A Chicago graphic design agency can help you polish and communicate your brand identity, ensuring that all the visual elements of your marketing are on-brand and in line with your unique personality.

Chicago’s roots in modern graphic design go back to the early 1900s with the formation of The School of Commercial Art, later renamed the Art Institute of Chicago. Its first head, Hungarian designer Laszlo Moholy-Nagy, positioned advertising design within a light workshop that also included photography and typography—and placed it as a vital component of a larger arts practice.

Another important contribution to the city’s graphic design history came in the form of a design company called Unimark, founded by Jay Doblin in 1962. Unimark is credited with introducing many aspects of European modern design—including advertising, brand identity, product design, environmental graphics, and corporate design—to the United States, and was an important incubator for the work of designers like Charles Dawson, Mentrell Parker, and Vernon Guider.

When choosing a Chicago graphic design agency, look for one with a reputation for creative excellence and industry-leading results. Check out their portfolios to see their past work and to determine whether their aesthetic is a good fit for your business. Ask about their process—how long they take to complete projects, what steps they take to ensure that a project stays on track, and how transparent they are with budget planning. A trustworthy and reliable agency will make it clear that your needs are paramount throughout the entire process. Chicago graphic design agency

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