The health and safety awareness course is an important part of a workplace safety program. It helps workers learn how to identify hazards and control them, and it gives managers and supervisors a better understanding of the safety and health program so they can be leaders in developing, implementing, and improving it. In addition, health and safety training can help reduce worker absenteeism and healthcare costs by preventing injuries and illnesses, and it may even increase productivity by reducing distractions caused by accidents and stress.

Having a basic level of health and safety knowledge is essential to all employees. Whether it’s to follow government and HSE guidelines or simply to protect themselves, all employees need to understand the importance of health and safety in the workplace.

The training will cover the responsibilities of both the employer and employee, common causes of accident and injury in the workplace as well as risk assessments and how to report an incident. It will also look at the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 and the responsibilities of the Responsible Person, how to prevent fires in the workplace and what to do if a fire occurs. It will also explain the background to Legionella and how to maintain water systems. It will then cover the dangers of electricity and how to prevent electrical accidents in the workplace along with the procedures for working at height, asbestos and confined spaces.

It will then cover the responsibilities of the Manager or Supervisor regarding how to respond to worker reports and to incidents, and it will also look at identifying critical control points. The training will also cover good practice in regards to COSHH and RIDDOR. health and safety awareness course

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