As new technologies and systems continue to evolve, so do the threats that they face. With cyberattacks becoming more frequent and sophisticated, cybersecurity professionals are in high demand across all industries. The field of cybersecurity offers a variety of roles that allow individuals with different skillsets and backgrounds to find their niche in protecting the digital world from emerging threats.

Almost every aspect of our lives relies on technology and computers—communication (email, smartphones), entertainment (interactive video games, social media), transportation (cars, navigation systems, airplanes), shopping (credit cards, online purchases) and much more. This makes our businesses and organizations vulnerable to cyberthreats, which can expose data or cripple operations.

Cybersecurity isn’t just an IT issue; it’s a business issue that requires all employees to be aware of and engaged in. This includes educating employees about the importance of following security protocol and regularly reinforcing these practices. In fact, a recent survey found that 86% of respondents would not patronize a business that had experienced a data breach in which their credit or debit card information was compromised.

The best way to combat cybersecurity challenges is with a well-trained team of professionals. With cybersecurity threats on the rise, it’s more important than ever to develop a strong foundation of processes and protocols that help protect sensitive information and critical infrastructure from cyberattacks. These frameworks, like the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s cybersecurity best practices, provide a starting point for companies to create their own internal standards and policies. SOC

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