To get the knowledge about how to zip a folder is necessary if you possess folders comprising of a number of files of varying categories, including text, graphics, and so on. They take up a big room on your disk. If you don’t manage the large folders appropriately, it is quite possible that the space on your system get taken up in a short time, which can create lots of troubles, for example improper supervision of the files and also serious harm to your disk. You cannot send files of bigger volume by way of email. So it becomes vital to compress the files into a zip file and allow them to take up a smaller space. Such compressed files are simple to organize and send using email. If a file is zipped, it has .zip extension. 
If you possess a folder containing files, the cumulative size of which is about 6MB, it gets converted to the size of approximately 2.5MB when you zip it. Therefore you can understand how much space you are able to keep aside by zipping of folders. If you hold large sized word documents or PDF files, zipping them is certainly a wise decision for the security of your system and also to allow yourself to supervise them without problems. You can send them without problems by way of emails and even if you want to shift them to some new location, you can copy them comfortably, as a result of their smaller size. 
There are various zipping software programs e.g. QuickZip, Stuffit, WinAce, PKZip, BitZIPPer, IZArc, PicoZip, ALZIP, 7-Zip and WinZip. You can use any of these to zip your large folders. To learn how to zip a folder is uncomplicated, as, almost all of these softwares are user-friendly and provide many amenities. After some practice, you can easily zip the huge folders to constricted zip folders. 
To zip a folder, initiate WinZip software program. If the license agreement occurs, check the box to accept terms and conditions. After this click the ‘New’ button to create a new archive possessing .zip extension. Enter the new location of the folder in the box for ‘Filename’. Specify the name and click ’ok’ button. After this click ‘Add’ button and you condense the folder to a zipped type. 
There is even one more trouble-free choice to zip a folder. Right click the folder and click ‘Add to WinZip’ and constriction process starts. The same series of procedures should be execuated to create a zipped transformation of the folder. 
Windows XP renders incorporated zip ability which provides you the ability to condense files using Compressed (zipped) Folder facility. Such kinds of contracted folders are demarcated by a distinct icon of zipped folder. You can utilize this ability in two manners. You can either copy files to the compressed folder to constrict them, or you can right-click some file, select ‘Send’ on the shortcut menu and then click ‘Compressed (zipped) Folder’. This does not decrease your computer’s functionality in any manner. These folders can be moved to any location on your disk and you can run them as efficiently as you operate the uncondensed folders. 
Zipping of folders takes place in quite short time. The software programs such as WinZip are easy and offer lots of features e.g. to enable to extract files and also to archive them. They also present encryption amenities, using which you can keep your constricted folder safeguarded by a password.  Boiling and chilled filtered water tap

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