The Explosion Proof Electric Actuator are designed to control valves in environments where flammable gases are present. They work on AC power and have fail-safe mechanisms that reset to a safe position when the system malfunctions. They can even be used in remote locations without electricity by using solar power, batteries or fuel cells.

The WE and XE series explosion proof electric actuator are designed to operate small ball valves (2″ and smaller), dampers and other quarter-turn operating devices such as plug valves and butterfly valves to help with industrial automation applications. They are used in the oil and gas pipeline industry, chemical industry, water treatment plant, paper making, ship building and metallurgy and other dangerous industries where the environment can be potentially explosive.

Linear actuators convert electrical energy into linear motion. They are the straight shooters of the actuator world. They can do just about anything you need them to do and are available in a variety of output torques. They can be equipped with integrated controls to give them even more functionality. They can also be ATEX certified and come with an incorporated overheat protection switch.

Servo electric actuators are the maestros of the actuator world. They use a servo motor to give you incredibly precise positioning. They can move in a very small range but are perfect for complex applications that require extremely accurate positioning. These are also ATEX certified and can be used in hazardous environments.

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