Hello there my dear readers. Today my article is on yet another character from the Pocket monster anime series. She is none other than Dawn, who is just 10 years old but a very good role model to follow, as Dawn aims to be the best Pokemon Coordinator in the world of Pokemon, taking in the footsteps of her mother Johanna who is also a Pokemon Coordinator.

If you are curious to know what a Pokemon coordinator is, a Pokemon Coordinator is someone who raises Pokemon to compete in Pokemon Contests. Though you would then ask what difference there is to this compared to being a Pokemon trainer, Pokemon coordinators raise their Pokemon with more emphasis on beauty and appearances. This is because the Pokemon contests would focus more on the gracefulness and beauty of the Pokemon, something like a beauty pageant. They also need to train the Pokemon to have good and beautiful attack moves during battle.

This is because the battle tournament is the second round of the contest, hence the Pokemon would also be judged on how beautiful it is while battling, maybe something like a gymnastics tournament or ice skating competition if you ask me, just that you do not battle your opponents during these competitions! In these contests, instead of winning a badge like in normal Pokemon battle tournaments, which are fought in gyms, winners of these beauty contests actually win ribbons.

Dawn only appears in the Pokemon anime series in the Pokemon Diamon and Pearl episodes. She is seen to be traveling through Sinnoh with Ash and Brock. Similar to Ash who received his first Pokemon which was a Pikachu from a Pokemon professor known as Professor Oak, Dawn’s first Pokemon was a Piplup which she received from Professor Rowan. This can be seen in the first Pokemon Diamond and Pearl series episode. Dawn is a confident young lady and very forward looking, as she constantly looks towards the future instead of dwelling on her past mistakes.

After Dawn met up with Ash and Brock, she decided to journey with them, as the experience gained from the journey would further her ambition of being a world class Pokemon coordinator. While Dawn is the only female main character who does not have any siblings, she has two childhood friends that appeared in the Pokemon anime, Kenny and Leona. Leona is a trainer who battles her Pokemon at gyms, while Kenny is more of a rival competitor to Dawn. Together with Zoey, another Pokemon character, the three of them are competing for their first time in the regional Contests. Pokemon Figures

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