Custom grip socks are a great addition to any workout or activity on a smooth surface and offer added balance and traction. They are lightweight and breathable and can be customized with your corporate logo or branded design.

Grip socks are thicker than regular threadbare ones and help prevent minor injuries such as abrasions, blisters, or small cuts. They also improve the contact between foot and shoe which helps reduce in-shoe slipping and boost agility and speed. The soft soles and rubber traction help keep your feet safe against sudden changes of direction or lateral movements while playing football. They are also comfortable and provide compression to the entire foot.

The breathable material is sweat-absorbing and keeps your feet relatively fresh after a long and grueling game. The grips on the socks are made of rubber that can be easily customized and printed with your corporate logo or branded design. The socks are also durable and can be washed multiple times. The washing instructions are usually to wash the socks inside out with warm (not hot) water on a gentle cycle. They are not recommended for tumble drying as this will affect the grips and traction on the socks.

Besides being a great marketing tool, grip socks can be used by trampoline parks and other fitness facilities to provide additional security for customers while enjoying their jump sessions. They are the perfect way to showcase your brand and increase revenue streams at your facility. custom grip socks

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