Composing a flower arrangement tailored to the taste and personality of the recipient is a perfect way to show them that you also appreciate and value that person. Whether in pastel or vivid colors, with exotic species and intense aromas or simply mixed, the huge variety of options available at our online florist is a true treasure trove.

The wild bouquet is a flower that symbolizes maternal love. A great option for the bride who arrives with her family and to thank the mothers of the newlyweds. This flower is also used on social occasions and professional celebrations to accompany the head of light, and it has an attractive red that also complements all types of decoration.

A green bouquet of yamantas also represents maternal love, and its blooms in a brown-green color, as bright as the sun, are very pleasant. This flower has a delicate bloom, soft to the feet and follows with a sweet fragrance rating.

A bouquet of wild pinto flowers has another way of arriving, because it follows the natural height of the yamanta. Its fragrance rating, very pretty roses and miniature size are a great choice for a birthday announcement, or as part of another flowering tool. arreglos de flores

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