About cloud gavel
On-demand, secure, mobile access to the nation’s most widely used electronic warrant system, the FusionStak system, gives officers and Judges access to the tools they need to make decisions quickly. FusionStak is managed by a dynamic group of professionals who share a passion for public safety.

Using the cloud gavel application, an officer can create a warrant while in their squad car and electronically send it to the presiding judge. The presiding judge can then log in to review the request and approve or reject it. This is done in less time than a traditional paper warrant and helps keep law enforcement officers on the streets and reduce the risk of suspects being tipped off before they can take action.

In a recent DUI/DWI case, a Trooper began the search warrant request on CloudGavel while on the scene and within minutes had it approved by an on-call judge. The medical facility authorized to draw the blood sample was notified immediately and able to be scheduled for that day. The blood sample was taken before the suspect’s normal dissipation of alcohol, reducing the true BAC reading and ensuring that the proper procedures were followed with appropriate judicial oversight.

Located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Cloud Gavel operates in the Application Computer Software business / industry within the Business Services sector. The company has a customer base of approximately 10,000 users and serves 23 countries. It offers solutions such as the dashboard to view active warrants, personalized forms, location-based analysis, creating warrants, state-approved warrant forms and more. It also provides Arrest Warrant Xchange, an online database of arrest and bench warrants. cloud gavel

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