Instead of working inside a courtroom,

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 a child support lawyer also spends time with his or her client in mediation. In most situations, parents love their children and want to make sure that they get to spend the most time possible with them. After custody is decided, a decision is made on whether or not one parent owes the other some type of monthly financial dispensation to cover the cost of raising the kids. Mediation is an alternative to the typical battle that often ensues. Here, the parents and their legal representatives work together to come up with a plan that everyone can voluntarily agree to.


Before going into mediation, talk with your child support lawyer about what you need to have available at the meetings. It is important to learn what pitfalls could await you and what questions you could be asked. Think about writing out a daily schedule for you as well as the children. This will show how much time they spend at home and at school and how much time you spend at work. Finally, some financial information may be necessary to determine the amount of money that you need to pay or receive based on the agreement.

Also, discuss your ideal situation with your child support lawyer. Do you have a figure in mind already that would make things a little easier? If you have a list of expenses that the children need on a regular basis, this can help demonstrate the overall cost of their care. Your attorney can put together a list for you. Be sure to bring all of the documentation requested to ensure that the process goes smoothly.

Meeting With a Mediator

At the time of mediation, you and your spouse (or former spouse) will make a list of issues that need to be addressed. Some people choose to meet about financial circumstances as well as the custody of the children at the same time as they tend to relate to one another. There should be a clear agenda so everyone knows what is going to be discussed and what issues need to be resolved.

Come into the meeting with an open mind. You have the option to let your child support lawyer do the talking for you or you can speak for yourself. In either case, make sure that you are allowing yourself plenty of time to speak and listen carefully when the other party presents his or her information. Completely avoid any type of unnecessary verbal attack. While emotions will be running high, it is best to be as calm as possible throughout the proceedings.

Come to an Agreement

The goal is to have an agreement reached by the end of the mediation. Have your child support lawyer look over the final agreement to double check what has been discussed and decided upon. Anything unresolved with need to be handled through the courts. family mediation service

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