Button Head Bolt is a type of bolt with a rounded, domed head and recessed counter bore in the center that accepts hex-shaped keys or Allen wrenches. They are used for a wide range of applications in both industrial and domestic settings. They offer higher torque specifications than socket head cap screws and are less likely to snag or damage materials that would be damaged by other, taller fastener heads. This makes them an excellent choice when appearance is important or the application requires a screw that will not snag and damage harnesses and other items that are attached to moving machinery.

Socket button head caps can be found in a variety of mechanical applications from securing vehicle components to manufacturing and assembling machinery. They are also used for electrical and appliance work and even furniture assembly. The domed shape of the head provides a greater load bearing surface compared to flathead cap screws. This increased strength and resistance to loosening makes them ideal for heavier-duty tasks such as securing large pieces of equipment or working with thicker metals.

At Fastener Right, we offer a comprehensive selection of socket button head cap screws in many thread sizes and materials. We have black oxide, zinc-plated alloy steel and stainless steel options to meet the needs of your project. We can also provide specials and non-standard sizes to your specifications. Contact us with your questions or to request a quote. We will work with you to find the best solution for your application. Button Head Bolt

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