Trust is the foundational leadership trait that drives employee engagement and productivity. When people trust their leaders, they will move mountains for them and give their best efforts. However, building trust is difficult and a long-term commitment. Leaders need to model the trust-building behaviors they want to see in their teams and organizations.

To build trust, it is important to show employees you value them and their ideas. You can do this by recognizing their achievements, allowing them to take risks and making sure they know you are on their side.

In addition, you should be transparent about your decisions and processes. This includes telling your team how and why you make certain decisions. Additionally, you should be willing to communicate about the failures of your organization, including lessons learned.

If you ever find yourself in a situation where it is not appropriate to be honest, you should let your team members know. Keeping secrets can be damaging to trust.

A trustworthy person will admit when they are wrong and is not afraid to apologize. Taking advantage of people or lying are the fastest ways to destroy trust. building trust

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