The secret that biotin can remove wrinkles lies in its ability to block the transfer of information between nerve and muscle, make the muscles lose nerves’ control, weakened tension, the muscles tend to relax, of course will also have the effect of stretch wrinkles, not only can prevent wrinkles continue to produce, also let the existing wrinkles have the greatest degree of improvement. Biotin is mainly used to eliminate dynamic fine lines, while collagen and others are mainly recommended for the treatment of static wrinkles. Your face at the site of injection may appear the phenomenon of bruising or redness, but if you use some concealer foundation and other cosmetics, can basically without a trace. The injection itself cause injury to the skin from the needle, after use the anesthetic agent, the situation can be improved. However after injected may be the “numb” feeling will continue until a few months later.

Injection time is probably only need 10 to 20 minutes, but you need a time of 3 to 10 days to achieve the desired effect. The dermatologist recommended that injecting after half an hour, do not attempt to contract the muscles of the injection site, it is prohibiting to massage the injection site muscles within 24 hours.

Under normal circumstances, a therapeutic effect can be sustained for 3 months to 6 months time. Some studies have found that the injection part is really no wrinkles, but in order to express the necessary expression, other parts of the muscles strengthen the contraction to compensate for these “lose control” muscle, thereby produce more wrinkles in these strengthening contractions parts. If the operating doctor is an experienced doctor, good condition of your skin is able to maintain a few years, but during this period, you might be difficult to express your emotions, because the muscle is no longer dominated by the nerve.

In the correct operating, after inject type A biotin, the local adverse reactions is mainly including the masseter excessive weakness and performance due to biotin corresponding to adjacent muscle tissue diffusion, and all of these clinical manifestations are related to the injection site and injection dose of biotin. Individual patients after injected biotin will appear fever, malaise, fatigue. Generally these clinical manifestations are one-off and disappear on their own within a few weeks. Biotin injection effect is generally can maintain about six months, and then it may relapse, but can be re-injection. If the injection dose is too large, then your face will look like be “frozen”, or does not look so flat. In addition, if the injection site is relatively close to the upper eyelid, then you eyebrows may decline in the position, but this is temporary.

Biotin supplier remained that biotin is not a panacea drug, in fact, it is a toxin. Common side effects of biotin have headache, allergies, diplopia, unnatural expression and other adverse reactions. This is only for healthy people, there are five categories of people can not use biotin cosmetic: pregnant women, lactating women; myasthenia gravis patients; multiple sclerosis patients; ptosis patients; the body is very thin people, and have the heart, liver, kidney and other internal organs deseases; allergic constitution. peek molding

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