Auto cold drawing machine is a type of equipment that reduces the diameter of metal wire rod. It is used to make a variety of products, such as steel wires and electrowelded mesh for concrete reinforcement. The process is called cold because heat is not used to aid in the deformation. The main components of a drawing machine include the wire rod, lubricant and dies. The lubricant can be either wet or dry, depending on the type of lubrication used. The lubrication can also be a water-based product or an oil-based one. The lubrication is needed to help the rod resist the deformation force generated by the pressure of the dies.

The optimum die geometry is determined by various factors, including the material to be drawn and the area of reduction taken. This can be determined experimentally using strain gauges on the draw bench or by mathematical modeling in well-proven packages like QForm and ABAQUS. The resulting calculation of the drawing force and power consumption can then be compared to the experimental data.

There are a number of different types of dies used in cold drawing. Some are made of tungsten carbide, while others are made of single-crystal natural diamond (SCND), polycrystalline synthetic diamond (PCSD) or multi-crystal natural diamond (MCND). All have their own benefits and disadvantages. The choice of dies is based on the specific requirements and production environment of each manufacturer.

In addition to reducing the size of the alloy material, cold drawing changes the shape of the material. For example, a round bar can be cold drawn to produce flat bars and squares, although these still require further heat treatment to obtain high strength and toughness.

A third effect of the drawing process is to improve the surface finish of the finished product. This is because the impurities on the surface of the rod are removed by friction between the die and the material as it is drawn. This can give the finished product a bright finish or, in the case of black rods, a polished-like effect.

HOREN offers several types of cold drawing machines to suit the needs of the customer. The HS model series, for example, is equipped with a head-press system that can draw hexagonal carbon steel bars for screws and nuts as well as linear guideways and other symmetrical alloys. The entire drawing operation is controlled by a PLC, which simplifies the process and increases efficiency.

Customers interested in learning more about HOREN’s new line of turnkey equipment can visit the company’s website. There, they will find details about the swaging and cold drawing machines as well as information about how to order the products. The company can ship them to customers worldwide. Auto cold drawing machine

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