Amazon is one of the biggest marketplaces where people buy and sell in a blink of an eye. Amazon in US has amazing services and offers its customers with many discounts, free shipping, mark downs, promotions and many other benefits. Unfortunately, it has not been able to provide the same services to Singaporeans. After Amazon’s launch in Singapore, free shipping is also a part that need to be overlooked. to the mark. But there is no need to feel bad because Amazon Prime Singapore does provide the benefit to become an Amazon Prime member. This facility may provide you with many benefits.

Continue reading to learn about Amazon Prime now in Singapore and what benefits can a prime Amazon member of Singapore avail with it.

Amazon Prime Singapore – Quick Facts

Following are some of the facts that offers Amazon Prime Singapore members special offerings. These are:

Amazon Prime Singapore Quick Facts 

Price for Membership

30-day Free trial, $2.99/month during promotional period and $8.99/month after promotion ends

Cost International Shipping

Order above S$60 on Amazon US and avail Free Delivery.

Free Local 2-hour shipping

Spend up to S$40 on Amazon Singapore and take advantage of the Free Delivery

Free Local 1-hour shipping

May be availed be spending S$9.99 per order

Other benefits

Includes Twitch Prime + Amazon Prime Video;

1. Phases of Amazon Prime Membership

Singaporeans can currently avail the Amazon prime loyalty membership program with a 30-day Trial period. If you completed your trial period and still haven’t unsubscribed it, you will automatically enter into the Promotional period. At this stage you are charged with a total of $2.99/month. Once the promotion ends, you will be charged $8.99/month automatically.

With this membership fee, you can also avail the free shipping on US and Singapore purchases. You can say that the membership fee includes the shipping costs.

2. International Shipping at Min order of $60

Now here is the main thing. With Amazon Prime Now in Singapore, Singaporeans can also avail the opportunity of Free shipping being an Amazon Prime member. Isn’t this Awesome!! The only requirement you have is that you need to do a minimum spending of $60. This is a special offer but only for Prime members, So, avail it fast and be a member today.

 3. Free Local 2-hour shipping service at Order above $40

Prime members have one more offering. You can now avail the Prime Now, their 2-hour shipping service that is offered only on local products. These products include items only their local catalogue including electronics, toys, groceries and such other products. Other benefit it includes is availing it for free for orders above $40.

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