Rosacea is a skin disease which usually occurs on different area of the face. Even though, rosacea is an incurable affection, there is a wide range of methods and treatments to keep the disease in control and prevent complications. In addition to this, symptoms of rosacea varies from person to person and also may appear from time to time.

Treatments for rosacea have an important role in keeping the illness in control and also in alleviating symptoms by reducing the redness and the pimples which usually occur on the face. Moreover, rosacea treatments include not olny topical antibiotics and preparations, oral antiobiotics but also laser theraphy and plastic surgery. Even though, some of these procedures, such as removing the thickened skin or diminishing the visible broken vessels usually bring satisfactory results they also cause certain side effects which tend to disappear in a few days. It is important to mention that even though we choose one of this procedures, we should wait for a certain period of time until we will obtain improvements.

To begin with, some of the so called easy procedures are the treatments which include oral medications and topical preparations. Much more oral antibiotics are usually accompanied by topical medicines and are used in reducing inflammation and also in preventing future recurrence. For instance, oral antibiotics such as azithromycin, clarithromycin, doxycycline are known as short treatments which last no more than a couple of weeks. Oral drugs are effective in controlling the flare-up and clearing rosacea papules and pustules. For treating rosacea, physicians may prescriebe another efficient medicine called isotretinoin, usually used for teenagers acne.

Secondly, topical preparations, such as lotions, gels, ointments are applied directly on the infected areas having a good effect due to their anti-inflammatory or antioxidant properties than to antibiotic activity. Even tough topical products such as Tretinoin or Benzoyl peroxide may produce side effects like dryness, burning and redness, they bring important results.

Thirdly, in the cases of severe complications caused by rosacea, many people appeal to laser surgery and plastic surgery. Laser therapy are usually used in removing the thin broken vessels and also the red bumps and skin thickening. Even though it may seem a tough procedure which may take several weeks until results are visible, laser surgery tends to be a great method in treating rosacea, improving the skin texture and giving it a normal aspect. On the other hand, plastic surgery involves different procedures for treating rosacea complications. Many people choose this method in order to remodelate certain areas on the face which are affected by rosacea. Moreover some of common surgical techniques are: the traditional plastic surgery, electroknife or YAG laser.

Taking all these into consideration, the most important thing in treating rosacea is the emotional support. Due to the side effects that treatments against rosacea usually produce, patients may seem depressed and tend to isolate themselves due to their condition. In this case if they don t are emotional balanced they need to see a psychologist and follow an adequate treatment. buy tretinoin cream

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