This article is for newbie youtuber’s, if you’re a pro, you’ll be bored. So, newbie let’s get to it. I assume you’ve created a YouTube account and a channel, right? If not, do it now. Hopefully you’ve produced an original video that talks about your business or product and your thinking – now what? This article will give you 5 essential Tips to get your video noticed on You Tube, let’s get to the details.

1.) Customize Your Channel

As with your profile on any social media site, take time to customize your YouTube account and channel. Take advantage of all the ways in which you can personalize your space: uploading a photo, tweaking the colors, and so forth. As a general rule, I recommend picking an account name that reflects your organization or brand.

2.) Title Your Videos Properly

Make the title descriptive and evocative without being too whacky. A common practice on YouTube and other video sharing sites is for video creators to write melodramatic or exaggerated titles and descriptions for their videos.
For example, imagine you’re the VP of Marketing for Random Tires and you’ve produced a video demonstrating how indestructible your tires are. In the video, your tires are exposed to increasing levels of harsh weather. Here are some good titles:

* How Much Abuse Can This Tire Withstand?
* We Smash, Trash, and Shoot a Tire – Will It Survive?

3.) Describe Your Video Accurately.

Write an accurate, keyword-rich description for each of your videos. As elsewhere, try to avoid using boilerplate marketing text or anything that feels like advertorial copy. Simply faithfully describe what happens in the video. If you want to drive YouTube viewers to your website (and why wouldn’t you?), I recommend beginning the description with your site address. That means including the http:// at the beginning. If you’ve got a long URL as a landing page (say, more than 25 characters), your web designer or site manager can set up a redirect with a shorter URL.

In addition to titles and descriptions, you can assign a category and tags to a video when you upload it. Like many social media sites, the categories seem limited and a bit confusing. You should write your tags wisely, however. Consider synonyms for your targeted keywords and industry terms. Be as specific as possible. You’ll find applying a core group of relevant tags to all of your videos worthwhile (they may then show up under Related Videos on your video’s pages) along with some additional tags specific to each video.

Comment on Other Videos

As with the other social media channels you’re now a member of the YouTube community. Create a complete and personalized YouTube profile. Watch other users’ videos and provide feedback through commenting, rating the videos, and marking them as favorites. Record a few video responses for YouTube users who might have an affinity for your video – those who live in the same city or share an interest or work in the same industry.

4.) Join Groups

If a group exists in the YouTube community for your industry or interest, join it. You can upload your videos to the group and interact with other members. If no group exists, you may want to launch and promote a group. Obviously creating and maintaining a YouTube group takes time and effort, so you’ll want to gauge the relative importance of the video channel in your web marketing work.

5.) Create a Playlist.

YouTube enables you to assemble videos – your own and others’ – into playlists of related content. To do so, you click Playlists and select the playlist to which you’d like to add the video. By creating a useful playlist for your industry or cause, you act as a DJ or caretaker. If you create compelling playlists on specific topics or themes, they benefit the larger community and, if popular, get others’ videos more views. Additionally, YouTube tends to include playlists in search results on the site, so be sure to use keyword-rich titles and descriptions for your playlists. Assuming it’s appropriate, you can always include your own videos in your playlists.

I think you’ll find YouTube gets more rewarding as you spend more time within the community, engaging with your viewers and learning the ways of the YouTube community. Start with a single, small goal and split your energies equally between creating a great original video and promoting it to your target. Even if you never achieve success on a global scale, you’ll enjoy some search engine optimization benefits and an increase in visitors to your website. youtube comment upvotes

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